Client Reviews

Honest and Knowledgable

Prior to my case I had never had any legal matters that required professional assistants. Mr. Hunt and his staff were professional, knowledgeable, and most importantly honest. He was very knowledgeable of the law and it was displayed even before going into the courtroom. I did win my case, but even if it didn’t turn out the way it did I would still recommend him to anyone in need of representation, simply because of how open and honest he was throughout the process.

Child Custody

Mr.Hunt, Is an outstanding, Lawyer, I came into his office not knowing,what my outcome was going to be….He reassure, me that he would get my child,custody case handle….He also handle all my worries,and on August 18th,2015….My case was presented, and we won…..He is the Best, if you need a Lawyer,to represent you well, look no more…….His name is Mr.Gregory Hunt…..

Trustworthy, Respect, Intestinal Fortitude

Greg Hunt has respect for the law and courts, but is not persuaded or a respecter of persons of the big pocket law firms that maneuver their way around the courts by political social hopping. His out of court persona is understanding of your situation but very direct so you leave having a complete understanding where your case is going. Greg Hunt has a bull determined fight for his clients to make sure all rocks are turned over and nothing is left undone when leaving the courtroom. Majority of the time after attending a consultation with attorneys you will leave frustrated and more times than not feeling money raped with still questioning what should you do, but with Greg Hunt Law you will leave confident knowing your situation is in great hands and not second guessing yourself. This is my personal recommendation from my experience and I have experience more than you can imagine with non performing attorney’s. Greg Hunt Law will walk through your situation with you and help you be prepared for what is to come next so you don’t feel overwhelmed. I would definitely recommend Greg Hunt Law for any ones Family Law situation.

Great attorney!!!

Mr. Hunt is a very good attorney. He is honest and very hard working and got me half custody of my daughter. I’m very grateful to him and his team. I recommend him to all men that want to be fathers to their children.

My experience with Mr hunt

I had a consultation with Mr hunt 5 days before my court date for child support, i was very concerned and worried ,mr hunt is a very confident lawyer who assured me that things will go smooth ,he made me feel like everything will be ok and that the case will go to my favor and it did. mr is a great knowledgeable lawyer who cares and listens . i would defenetly recomend people to hire him as there lawyer.

Great Lawyer

Greg has represented for many years and has never given up. He is knowgleable and well versed in the law. Not only has he won the case but many times over the year he has been a friend in very uncertain times. He has resolved my custody issues and made my children and me very happy. Thank you Greg.

Down to earth Attorney who takes the time to communicate well

Worked with Mr. Hunt on a post-divorce issue. He was so easy to work with and what I especially liked was that he always took the time to explain the law/issues to me so that I could understand all the possibilities. He worked with me to win my case. Nice guy who knows his stuff and/or willing to do the research to ensure he has a good grasp of the issues.

Direct Accurate and Smart

Best consultation a person could ask for. I would highly recommend Mr. Hunt. I learned more in the short time we spoke than I would have known reading all the case law in the world. Could not be more pleased with Mr. Hunt’s advice

Great Knowledge Great People Great Work

Gregory, was extremely helpful and honest with me. He let me know up front everything that could happen, I felt very prepare for whatever result. In timely and effective manner Gregory was able to resolve my case outside of court. I feel very relived that I trusted Gregory Hunt with my Speeding Ticket.

Professional and Efficient

Gregory Hunt had my case dismissed promptly and saved me from a lot of stress and worry. Would highly recommend.

Exceeds expectations

I hired Attorney Hunt to help with a divorce where my ex was bitter and vengeful. My previous lawyer has exhausted 20 hours of service merely being a gopher for my ex’s attorney. Immediately, Attorney Hunt explained how he worked and asked if that would meet my expectations and if not he would adapt to meet my needs!!! He formulated a gameplan and clearly stated in lamens terms what his plans and execution would be. Since being hired, my ex has lost her energy and so has her lawyer. He has had contempt charges dropped with his vast knowledge of case law and precedence. He is also currently helping me through custody and equitable distribution — all of which now seems to be leaning towards a decision that I can live with and would expect unlike my previous attorney. I can’t speak highly enough of him from what i know of his professional work and his personal character.

An honest lawyer for once!

Not only have I used Greg for years, but more importantly, I have recommended him to all my friends and they have used him as well! His honesty is a breath of fresh air in the legal system that, at times, seems to be filled with deceit that even penetrates the lawyer-client relationship. If you want an honest opinion that isn’t clouded with greed, Greg is the lawyer to use.

Very happy!

I met with Mr. Hunt 1 business day after asking my question on Avvo. In fact he called me less than one hour after I emailed him requesting a consultation. Mr. Hunt knows what he is talking about and I have faith that he will get some results in family court.

Great Lawyer

He and his staff have been great. I have complete trust and faith in him when he has handled cases for me. Great and honest man.

Great Attorney to work with

Mr. Hunt was instrumental in assisting me in a very delicate personal legal matter and ultimately achived great success for me. I would recommend him highly