Civil Litigation Attorney in Charlotte, NC

That rental property seemed like a good idea until your tenant/former friend missed three rent payments in a row. Or, perhaps that trusted employee of yours just took his clients and ideas down the street to open his own store, all in violation of his employment contract. Maybe you’re a freelancer with a large collectible that no one seems to be taking seriously. No one wants to end up filing a civil law suit, but situations like these make it all but inevitable.

What Is Civil Litigation?

Civil litigation, as opposed to criminal court cases, involves disputes between two parties. There are a myriad of things that can end up as a civil case–landlord/tenant disagreements, a breach of warranty (the legal phrase for a broken promise), injuries and damages from auto accidents, business or personal collections issues and disputes over real property (land, buildings, houses, etc.) Businesses, too, can seek relief from a disagreement in civil court, for things such as violations of employment contracts and regulatory/compliance issues. A government investigation or a failed arbitration can also end up in civil court.

Why You Need an Attorney in a Civil Case

If you make your living as a plumber, you wouldn’t expect your lawyer to be able to come over and fix your pipes. Nor would a doctor expect an attorney to accurately diagnose his illness. Plumbers, doctors–and lawyers–have special training that makes them good at what they do. Just as you couldn’t fix a sink well without training, neither should you be expected to defend yourself in court without the proper skills. You need an attorney with experience in civil litigation to help navigate you through the unfamiliar terms, procedures and traditions of the court. Explains Gregory Hunt, “whether you hire me or another firm, I recommend that you not go to court alone. In my opinion, pro se litigants stand naked before the court.”

Gregory Hunt is the principal attorney of Hunt Law PLLC. The firm, located in Charlotte’s Uptown neighborhood, has been helping North Carolina families and businesses like yours since 2008. We specialize in civil litigation, family law and criminal/traffic cases. Give us a call at 704-326-9245 to schedule an appointment.

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