What Would It Take To Forgive Your Ex? You Can Start With Indifference

HuffPost published a very interesting article that’s worth profiling; it’s titled: “Why You Need to Strive for Indifference Toward Your Ex.” While I agree that “indifference” towards one’s ex may help soothe their transition from being married to being a divorcee, make no mistake: the polar opposite of Love is Hate. Indifference occupies the space in between these two emotions. And, according to the article “indifference” suffices in helping one make such a transition. On the other hand FORGIVENESS is key, because it inoculates one from Hate; FORGIVENESS allows one to maintain love in their heart; it heals the emotional wounds resulting their newly deceased marriage/relationship; but most importantly, FORGIVENESS steadily fuels one progress forward–i.e., away from their past and towards something new.

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