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Hunt Law, PLLC provides North Carolina families and individuals with honest and respectful legal representation and advice in the areas of:

Hunt Law, PLLC was founded in 2008 and is located in Uptown Charlotte, NC. We are committed to providing the highest quality of compassionate, thorough and aggressive legal representation. Our services are individually tailored with an emphasis on achieving the best possible results. Every client is treated with respect and courtesy.

Hunt Law, PLLC’s philosophy is simple: maintain its clients’ trust. “There is no greater threat to the attorney-client relationship than a client losing confidence or belief in the attorney,” says Attorney Gregory Hunt. “Without your client’s trust, the best developed legal strategy is worthless. That is why we counsel prospective clients that there’s nothing about this process that’s more important than our relationship together. And we make certain that our behavior reflects that statement.”

Steady Forward Progress

Hunt Law, PLLC employs a three-step process to ensure success for its clients. The first method is to provide clients with a STEADY approach to tackle their legal issues. Greg has learned that “clients respond to sound advice and legal strategies that are balanced and grounded in reality.”

The second technique used by the firm is to always be FORWARD with clients. This helps minimize mis-communication or misunderstandings that inevitably arise. Greg believes “the best way to manage a client’s expectations is to be respectfully honest, open and, when necessary, blunt about their situation.”

Finally, Hunt Law, PLLC appreciates a client’s need to see PROGRESS in his/her case. “Clients want movement along the way,” Greg declares. “And, the quickest way to lose them is to have clients complain because they feel as though you are disengaged.”

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